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Daily Concepts Your Facial Micro Scrubber | Review

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About a year or so ago I received a body scrubber in one of my subscription boxes. It wasn’t just any body scrubber, though, it was a Daily Concepts Your Body Scrubber. As I’ve learned since then, Daily Concepts creates well thought-out, environmentally conscious bath accessories (read their About Us page, you’ll love them). I loved that body scrubber until it expired (see below) and when I recently found out Daily Concepts has introduced a new Your Facial Micro Scrubber for the face, I wanted to see if it was just as great!

daily concepts

One of the unique features of Daily Concepts Your Facial Micro Scrubber, and all Daily Concepts shower products, is their label indicator, which fades when it’s time to replace the sponge (typically about 90 days). As you can see in the first photo above, and also like other Daily Concepts products, it comes with its own storage bag that is biodegradable and a suction cup hook that you can attach it to and hang on your shower or bathroom wall.

The Your Facial Micro Scrubber definitely lives up to its lineage. I love the great lather and ease of use it provides when I wash my face. I love that it rinses clean and that thanks to its antimicrobial properties, I don’t have to worry about bacteria forming. This facial scrubber has been a beast on my eye makeup – and I love that it’s okay to use around my eyes! The material is a cotton-based layer with nylon exfoliating loops that help give a good texture for exfoliation, but soft enough for all area of the face. The soy-based sponge features a built-in antimicrobial that helps inhibit the growth of any bacteria, mold, or mildew.

You can find out more about Daily Concepts products by visiting their official website at DailyConcepts.com, and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on the newest products and special promotions.

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