5 Tips on Decision Making


Regardless of who you are we all are faced with making decisions, whether they are small or life altering. Sometimes, the stress of having to make the bigger decisions in your life can be overwhelming, but there are a few things you can do to ensure you can make the smartest decision. After getting a few tips, we hope you all feel prepared to take on those tough decisions when they arise.

Tip 1

Make sure to get enough sleep the night before making a big decision or participating in something that is a big deal. It has been proven that getting a good night’s rest is better than staying up all night worrying or cramming last minute. Being tired negatively impacts your decision making because it clouds your judgment and clarity.  

Tip 2

Act from clarity and pay attention to dreams or ideas that may occur during sleep or in the shower.  When it comes to problem solving, many public figures have solved problems by referring to dreams or when in the shower. This is because you are able to relax and fully focus on ideas that we are usually distracted from.

Tip 3

An easy and notable tip is to learn from your previous mistakes and the mistakes of others. It may be such an easy idea that it is often overlooked, but it will definitely give some clarity to your decision making.

Tip 4

Realize that sometimes making a mistake can actually positively impact your life.  If by chance you do end up making a decision that does not turn out how you intended it to, be sure to look at the bigger picture.  Furthermore, take the opportunity to accept that you may mistakes and that you will learn from every one of them.

Tip 5

Come up with a plan or process to determine a solution to a problem. Ask yourself what the problem is, and begin to find out what you can do to solve this issue. Create checklist or a Pro/ Con list. Write it out your question! Read it back out loud! Make plenty of theories or explore ideas in order to create a game plan to resolve an issue or come to a decision.

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