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Lets be real we all love luxury in some sense. Whether that means a certain symbol on the back of your car or sweetish deep tissue massage or a $6 latte everyday on the way to the office. Life is just better when sprinkled with a little splurges and treats. This is why we are loving BC Living’s 5 Ways to Treat Yourself to Luxury article featuring some of your favorite Daily Concepts tools!


1. Your Facial Micro Scrubber

ScrubberPeanut Butter Gorgeous

 Designed with pockets to be worn as a mitt, the differing textures of the micro scrubber‘s design are just right for a daily soft wash or for an exfoliating clean, both perfect for your face.


2. Your Konjac Sponge

KonjacPeanut Butter Gorgeous

Konjac is a traditional Japanese, jelly-like food, made from the Konnyaku potato. Traditionally used as a beauty treatment owing to special properties, the Konjac sponge is highly absorbent (with both water and oils) and is excellent for a thorough cleansing. It breaks down dirt, restores pH balance and doesn’t contain any preservatives or chemicals. To cater to different skin types, the sponge offers three varieties—Tumeric, Charcoal or Pure.

3. Your Stretch Wash Cloth

ClothPeanut Butter Gorgeous

Given that it can be used as a regular wash cloth or stretched to meet hard-to-reach parts, Your Stretch Wash Cloth is perfect for head-to-toe use. Unlike the design of a traditional back brush, its handles allow stretching in different angles. Its efficient texture will exfoliate the dead skin cells of the top layer of skin, creating a healthy, fresh feeling all over the body.

4. Your Mesh Sponge

SpongePeanut Butter Gorgeous

The vanilla scent of this sponge truly sets it apart. Gentle exfoliation and a luxurious lather make for an exceptionally refreshing and revitalizing effect on skin. An antimicrobial-treated sponge to inhibit the growth of unhealthy microorganisms, it is the perfect accompaniment for thinking—and singing—in the shower, while the fabric works thoroughly to keep you clean.

5. Spa to Go

Spa to GoPeanut Butter Gorgeous

A superfood skin treatment system designed to deliver a luxurious experience for body and soul, the Spa to Go kit includes the Your Stretch Wash Cloth and a convenient reusable holder for use at home or while on the road. In addition, it showcases the following essentials…

  1. Cleansing Body Wash, with a skin-soothing blend of lavender and Lucuma, a fruit native to the Andean valleys that calms irritation without drying out the skin;
  2. Hydrating Lotion, which combines plant-based moisturizers with the oil from Sacha Inchi, a South American seed to gently purify and repair the skin;
  3. A Purging Mask, to release trapped toxins while deeply nourishing the skin with the extract of Bilberry, a European Blueberry;
  4. Exfoliating Scrub, which reveals healthy, glowing skin by exfoliating dead cells with the power of rice powder, apricot seed and a non-GMO corn meal;
  5. Renewal Oil, which can reduce fluid retention, stimulate circulation and boost the immune system with Sacha Inchi seed and a synergistic blend of rosemary, lavender and eucalyptus.





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