Art Love Monday — ARTINTERNATIONAL Istanbul

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We’re heading to Istanbul for today’s post. That’s where ARTINTERNATIONAL Istanbul gets underway September 5 and 6.

Yep, all you fly by the seat of your pants peeps, we can hear you scurrying to book a flight and pack your suitcases right now. We love that about you!

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Ahhh, Istanbul. The romance of Turkey at its best. And right there on the waterfront…

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…is the Halic Congress Center and site of ARTINTERNATIONAL.

In its third year, the contemporary art festival serves as a gateway between ‘East’ and ‘West,’ a veritable, cultural bridge across the global art world.

Leila Heller Gallery - Loris Cecchini - Germination rates on four poles, 2015 -- Image courtesy of

Leila Heller Gallery – Loris Cecchini – Germination Rates on Four Poles, 2015 — Image courtesy of  ARTINTERNATIONAL Istanbul

Already on our radar is Loris Cecchini’s works via the Leila Heller Gallery booth. The Italian artist uses modular frameworks to show his ongoing  investigation  of  space  in  relation  to  nature,  technology, art and  architecture.

As in Germination Rates on Four Poles (pictured above), Cecchini strives “to  form  a semblance  of  a  climbing  plant organically  deriving  from  an  array  of  bewildering  trails  contrasting  the  deliberate intention  of  the  propagation.”

Galeri Zilberman - Extramucadele, Gercek ve Halk, 2015 -- Image courtesy of Art International Istanbul

Galeri Zilberman – Extramucadele, Gercek ve Halk, 2015 — Image courtesy of ARTINTERNATIONAL Istanbul

There’s much to catch inside, with displays from 87 galleries from 27 countries, including 13 from Turkey.

We’re looking forward to taking a stroll outside, as well, along the waterfront for the aptly named “By the Waterside” sculptural exhibition. On tap, a collective of 10 works from Rada Boukova, Guldo Casaretto, Şakir Gökçebağ, Karl Karner, Yerbossyn Meldbekov, Ichwan Noor, Stefan Nikolaev, Javier Pérez, Paul Schwer and Walid Sitl.

So, now that you’re all packed, here’s where to get more info See you there!

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