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Friday’s post was all about getting revved up for Global Wellness Day. On Saturday, we embraced this annual event with gusto at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.

Image from Kim Kessler

Image from Kim Kessler

The day started with a sunset yoga class atop the hotel’s helipad. Leading the session was famed yogi/wellness expert Rainbeau Mars.

breakfast menu

After getting in touch with early morning Zen, it was time for a wellness breakfast served up from Executive Chef Cyrille Pannier in Culina.

Whetting our whistles was freshly-juiced fruit and vegetables. That would be the Green Goddess featured above.


Loads of extras were delivered to the table, including yogurt compote with bee pollen and berries, egg white frittata and…


Healthy pancakes drizzled with nut butter. We’re still dreaming about these…


Over breakfast, Julie Andrews, Director of Global Sales & PR at Kerstin Florian International, spoke about ways to include wellness in our everyday lives.

Julie also touched on break-through discoveries set to evolve our everyday lives. Among them, epigenetics, telomeres, plant and marine technology, minerals and trace elements.

Speaking of the latter, she introduced us to several Kerstin Florian products like…


…Mineral Wellness Soak salts for baths and kur therapy. You know Daily Concepts was riveted to this topic. We love our bath time!


As if thoughts of a bath weren’t lulling enough, next, it was time for a group BioMeditation Class with Jeannette Von Johnsbach.

Here’s a description of BioMeditation Therapy, which is offered through the Spa at the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.

This gentle yet profoundly healing hands-on therapy will nurture, detoxify and balance every cell of your body. Bioenergetic meditation creates a foundation for health and inner harmony. Energetic blockages are removed, strengthening your innate life force. This specialized process begins working wherever your body needs help and in a manner that best suits individual healing. The proper function of the endocrine, nervous and immune systems are supported as metabolism is optimized. Experience dreamlike relaxation as different forms of conscious and unconscious anxiety are removed. Enjoy the benefits of your mind and body in harmony through this unique energetic therapy.

To say our group was blissed out is putting it lightly.

Before departing, Jeannette gave us the following homework: at 10 p.m., the members of our group were to meditate wherever we happened to be. The focus of the meditation — forgiveness. As Jeannette said, it is only after forgiving that we can truly be free. Personally, we think forgiveness should be on the Global Wellness Day manifesto next year.

Still to come… a Wellness Lunch!


Everything Chef Pannier served was delicious. Our fave dish, though, was this monster kale salad with berries. We could feel our skin glowing with every mouthful.


This roasted eggplant with tahini and pomegranate seeds was a close second on our fave list.

Why no one felt guilty about calories consumed? First of all, they were nutrient-rich calories doing excellent things for our health.

But then, there was a Blue Fusion Class from Blue Clay Fitness…


Which made eating this…

ice cream

Completely guilt-free!

Now it’s time for some gratitude:

Many thanks to the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills for inviting us to participate in their Global Wellness Day celebration. We’re pretty sure it was the best Saturday ever!

A big hug to Rainbeau Mars for the pre-coffee, helipad salute to the sunrise.

General Manager Michael Newcombe, your early morning energy was infectious. We’re also so excited about your penchant for wellness!

Julie Andrews, you filled our brain with lots of great information and inspiration. We’re also totally intoxicated with the Kerstin Florian bath salts infused with eucalyptus you sent home with us.

We’re crushing on the staff of the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills’ spa. How sweet was it of you to set up a special BioMeditation space for us!

Speaking of which — Jeannette Von Johnsback, thank you for turning on our forgiveness. It’s been flowing ever since.

Executive Chef Cyrille Pannier, coming home to what awaited us in our fridges made us realize one area of our lives that needs a Global Wellness reboot. Could you offer some classes on the dishes you served, please? Thank you for making our entire bodies happy, happy, happy with your cuisine!

And last, but not least, Kim Kessler, you bring magic into the world of wellness EVERY DAY. Thank you for being a Global Wellness Team Leader! XOXO






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