Essential Oil Uses


So what are essential oils? They are highly concentrated oils that are more potent that dried herbs.  Additionally, they are derived from plants, flowers, veggies, or fruits and contain the natural scent and benefits of the plant it came from.  A main use for essential oils is aromatic, meaning you can smell the scent straight from the bottle or diffuse the oil.  Second, dietary purposes where you mix essential oils in food or drink to obtain benefits of the oil.  Lastly, essential oils are used topically often with a carrier oil (vegetable oil) to treat skin issues.

Something to know about using essential oils are that different oils have different benefits.  For instance, when you have a headache oils like lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus all have properties to soothe your headache when used aromatically.  Oils that be can used for anxiety include rose, lavender, bergamot, ylang ylang, frankincense, and others aromatically, orally, or topically.  Another tip is if you are going to use oils topically, it might be best to dilute the oil with a carrier oil such as coconut, grapeseed, olive, or jojoba oil.  Since essential oils are highly concentrated, they may irritate the skin especially if they are hot oils like oregano, eucalyptus, or thyme.

Other ways to use essential oils are topically like in scrubs or cleansers or directly on the skin.  Based on your skin concern, you can create a scrub made from salt or sugar to exfoliate your skin.  You can also chose oils based on scents, if you are trying to relax and aid sleep use lavender or chamomile oil, but if you are trying to wake yourself up try peppermint or citrus.  If you do not like using scrubs, try adding a few drops of oils to your bath water and use your Daily Concepts product to exfoliate! Try researching what oils have to offer and feel free to experiment!



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