To say we were tickled pink to learn Daily Concepts Your Exfoliating Gloves was featured yesterday on Gloss and Dirt, Allure magazine’s 2012 Beauty Blogger of the Year, would be putting it lightly. In the offices, we donned pairs of Daily Concepts Your Exfoliating Gloves and did cartwheels. Okay, maybe just jazz hands, but you get the idea. Thanks for the shout out, Gloss and Dirt! We love you right back!

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Random Homie: Daily Concepts Your Exfoliating Gloves

I received these Daily Concepts Your Exfoliating Gloves ($18) recently, and I am super happy that I did. Because these puppies allowed me to feel like this:

As soon as I put these on in the shower, I started soft-shoeing, because that is what one does when one puts on white gloves. Especially when one wants to be an old timey gentleman. So after my routine, I decided to actually use them for their intended purpose, and to stop being a friggin’ weirdo for two minutes. And lemme tell you, these little gloves can exfoliate with the best of them. You get loofah-esque levels of exfoliation, but with much easier use. I also like that there are actually TWO gloves, because a lot of times you get one, and then you are caught switching hands four million times per shower. And that crap is not cute when you’re a lazy mofo.

There’s also a tag on the glove that tells you when to replace it. When the ink fades from the tag, you throw dem b’s out! How easy is that? So I give these lil’ mamas two enthusiastic and exfoliated thumbs up! Now, I have to go take my pants off and pretend I’m Donald Duck. Don’t call the police.



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