Heart of Stone

Image from Flickr

Image from Flickr

Heart already singing and lips buzzing with thoughts of Valentine’s Day just 24 hours away? Where best to shout one’s love than from San Bernardino National Forest’s Heart Rock!

First things first — preparing for romantic moments with packing just the right elements in a backpack. Our suggestions: plenty of water, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches cut into heart shapes, strawberries in a smush-proof container and homemade trail mix made with red and white M&Ms. Oh, and don’t forget a blanket for picnicking purposes.

Image from fosforlupapyon.blogspot.com

Image from fosforlupapyon.blogspot.com

Word is, there might still be some frosty patches from the season’s snowfalls. You could pack a sweater. We’re recommending snuggling with your Valentine instead.

Next, set a course for the San Bernardino Mountains. We’ve included directions from Weekend Sherpa below the info line (*) at the end of the blog.

The trek itself is an easy half-mile (one way) along Seeley Creek Trail. According to the website HikeSpeak, “There are blue hearts and arrows painted onto rocks along the trail to keep you on course.”

Image from hikespeak.com

Image from hikespeak.com

Keep an ear out for a romantic symphony courtesy of Mother Nature herself. Yep, there’s a 20-foot waterfall — Seeley Creek Falls — calling from Heart Rock, itself.

There, surrounded by a forest of Jeffrey Pines, alders and black oaks, let the kissing commence. Where you declare your love? Why limit yourself to the heart-shaped granite bowl known as Heart Rock? Let it merely serve as a starting point…

*For more information about Heart Rock visit http://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/sbnf/recreation/hiking/recarea/?recid=26321&actid=50.

Directions from Weekend Sherpa: Take Route 138 north of Crestline to Camp Seeley (map) and turn west up Forest Service Road 2N03. Continue .4 mile to the trailhead (labeled 4W07) on the right, where the road becomes gated. Because Seeley Creek flows over Forest Service Road 2N03, you may wish to park along Route 138 and walk the extra distance to the trailhead. Follow Seeley Creek Trail along the left bank of the creek, reaching an outcropping above the waterfall after .5 mile. Display an Adventure Pass on your vehicle (may not be required). Dog friendly!

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