How to Perfect Self Tanning


Do you self tan? If you do, then you know the struggle of trying to make self tanners look as natural and flawless as possible!

We thought we would give some tips to help you get the smoothest and most desirable bronzed look!

Before applying bronzer or self tanner, make sure that your skin is nice and smooth! To achieve smooth skin, it is great to exfoliate so that you can rid your body of any texture or dryness you might have.  This step is important because it will ensure you have the smoothest canvas to apply tanner to.

If your skin is dry and you skip exfoliating before tanning, the product may look patchy because it will cling to any texture or rough patches of skin you may have.  So let’s just say –don’t skip exfoliating!

Next tip! Use an applicator in order to avoid streaks! Using an applicator can also help you get to hard to reach places and avoid over-tanning your hands after applying!

Check out some products that will help you get flawless, bronzed & glowy skin! 


Your Exfoliating Gloves are great for exfoliating the skin and are so easy to use! (Plus the label indicator will let you know when to replace the gloves! Nobody likes using bacteria filled gloves!)


Your Body Kit is great for both applying self tanner in hard to reach areas and also exfoliating areas like your back! (Contains an applicator for creams and sponge for cleansing and exfoliating. So more bang for your buck $)

Hope these tips help! Go get your bronze on!


Elizabeth Alvarez

Marketing Department

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