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Ten days and counting! Yes, January 26 marks the fourth annual Naam Yoga Super Class held at Monumento a la Independencia in Mexico City.

See the crowd featured in the photo above? Those are last year’s attendees — 15,000 people who came together in this global celebration of love, peace and light dedicated to peace, community and the collective healing. That’s a whole lot of goodness bursting forth into the universe all at once. So you can imagine why we’re so excited about this year’s celebration, which is anticipated to be even bigger than the last.

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The Super Class, which is free and open to all ages, will be led by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, the founder of NAAM YOGA. Levry created Naam Yoga as a “unique, practical system of self-healing which unites the spiritual doctrines of the East with Western mysticism, healing arts and yogic practices.” Here’s a bit more information about Naam Yoga from a 2013 Daily Concepts’ post.

Here’s a glimpse at last year’s event —

Can’t attend in person? Not to worry. A live stream of the event will be available to the public. In fact, Naam Yoga is shooting to have 100,000 attendees tune in via the Internet. To be one of them, check in at, where the stream link will be posted.

About this extended gathering, Naam Yoga sent Daily Concepts the following statisitcs, “The Institute of Noetic Sciences states, “There is data to suggest that it takes only the square root of one percent of a population to align their thinking for mass consciousness to change”.1 There are currently about 7 billion people in the world, the square root of 1% of which is 8,367. 8,367 is the number of people needed to meditate and bring about a positive ripple effect that will uplift the whole world.”

Per Amanda Plant from Naam Yoga, “This event provides an opportunity to bring about true change in the world. By broadcasting, Naam Yoga seeks to expand the effects of vibrating love in unity with people around the world to bring peace and healing to our beloved planet.”

What we’d like to say to Naam Yoga for sponsoring this annual, worldwide peace movement — Namaste.



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