National Bath Safety Month

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January is National Bath Safety Month! Why are we so excited? Because baths and showers are our favorite things. Learning how to ensure these luxuriant home hot spots remain safe is right up our alley.

In researching the subject, we came across this infographic from Moen, a company that knows a thing or two about bathrooms themselves.


Daily Concept team member Bekah can relate to much of the information from Moen. She recently had knee surgery and a subsequent accident in her bath/shower combo. “I didn’t think about having to maneuver over a deep shower ledge and around a sliding shower door with a leg that wouldn’t bend,” she told us. “Once I finally got in the shower, the bath mat ripped in two and I went flying.”

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What she learned? “I was so excited by the fact that I’d be able to shower post-surgery, I never thought about the logistics of my bathtub and shower. Even worse, my bath mat should have been replaced. I’d noticed it getting worn, but ignored it.” Hmmm… Maybe her bath mat would have benefited from one of Daily Concepts’ indicator labels.

Bekah’s bath tub accident added to her recovery time. Luckily for her, an at-home physical therapist taught her all the necessary ins and outs when it came to bathtub safety. Had she studied up earlier, she may have avoided the injury, though. “I’m hoping other Daily Concepters out there will benefit from my story and avoid injuries in the bath/shower.”


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