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Recently, we posted about a new partnership between Daily Concepts and Germany’s Niche Beauty.

As we’ve been dreaming about visiting Germany of late, we find ourselves checking into Niche’s website to see what’s happening, beauty-wise, in that part of the world. A recent post was all about prepping for summer by using Daily Concepts’ products.


Don’t speak/read German? Let us give you a quick translation/synopsis:

As we head into the warmer months of the year, a time when we’ll be wearing summer clothes — shorts and skirts — using Daily Concepts’ products for healthy, pretty skin is exactly what’s needed.



A prerequisite for achieving healthy, smooth skin, is removing old skin cells. Doing this on a regular basis stimulates circulation, making moisturizing dry winter skin more effective.


The perfect preparation for skin care products is the sloughing of skin. Super Daily Concepts’ product line has the right scrubber/sponge for every need, among them, exfoliating gloves, a stretch washcloth and facial micro scrubber.

The practical packaging is reusable for storing the products, and can be hung from a suction cup on the wall to keep scrubbers from making contact with bacteria in the shower.

There’s a small tag on the side of the scrubber that acts as an indicator. When the writing disappears, it’s time to replace the product.


Remove skin cells regularly + stimulate circulation = pretty skin. RX: Daily Concepts’ products!

Need a beauty fix that transports you to Germany? Do what we do and visit Niche Beauty.

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