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Did you practice yoga this past Sunday? If so, you may have been karmically tuning in with more than 15,000 other people, all convened in one place for a single class. That “classroom” — Mexico City’s Revolution Monument.

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Leading this super class was NAAM YOGA founder, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry. Beyond breaking records for attendance, the yoga session had a much larger goal. “We came together to do something positive and good for the city, the country and planet,” said Levry. “Our world needs a lot of love, peace and light. We created a lot of healing energy. We used the technology of NAAM YOGA, we positively changed our molecular vibration, and raised the frequency of the city, country and the planet with the healing vibration of love, peace, and light. It was a beneficial explosion of light that expands throughout the world.”

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There are a lot of personal gains to be made through a NAAM YOGA practice. What it purports: “to heal disease, relieve chronic and emotional pain, manage stress and reduce anxiety and depression.” Also added to the list — anti-aging.

How it differs from other yoga modalities? NAAM YOGA includes the Shakti Naam practice and various combinations of movement, breath work and healing through sound (mantra).

We’re not sure about you, but Daily Concepts is pretty certain the sun was shining just a little bit brighter in Los Angeles when we were practicing our Downward Dogs on Sunday. Inspired by the event, we’re inviting friends to join us in our local classes to share the health benefits, the love and the OM of yoga.

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