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Seeking out art and inspiration makes us tick. Hearing about the Eureka Gallery that’s currently on display at The Proud Archivist in London has us buzzing!

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This restaurant/bar/art gallery/performance space is currently hosting Eureka! Room in celebration of Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Bringing Eureka! to life has been O2 and London Science Museum’s Inventor in Residence Mark Champkins. What Eureka! is all about — inspiration!

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The space itself is set up to encourage the brewing and perking of information with its relaxing “Drunk Tank Pink” walls, perfect lighting, pleasant sounds and optimal climate, a cool 71 degrees proclaimed best for working via an analysis by The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Concept for SeymourPowell's Life Tech Smart Jacket (image from

Concept for SeymourPowell’s Life Tech Smart Jacket (image from

The workings of other brains can be seen within Eureka! Room, including everything from architectural drawings of the Eiffel Tower to Yuko Yamaguchi’s original pencil drawings of Hello Kitty.

When visitors have an idea that needs ruminating on, “Thinking Gum” is available for their use (FYI: chewing gum has been found to increase alertness and reaction time by the National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS).) And for those without a cocktail in their clutch, there’s hot chocolate, reported by the American Association for the Advancement of Science to “increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain.”

Last, but not least, full inspiration immersion can be had with in a bath, replete with, a Galaxy Note 4 “phablet,” of course.

So we might not make it to London in our search of art and inspiration, but we’re taking some tips from the Eureka! Room and finding the perfect state of mind.

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