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Daily Concepts is seeing starts today. Four and a half to be exact. Why you ask? Because that’s the number of stars the Healthy Holistic Living blog gave us when reviewing our products. Read on!

Daily Concepts Review

This review season has been grueling, it seems that we had more products then usual and a whole lot less time. What I really wish is that a spa would call me up and invite me to review their services, you know something like a three-day retreat, but since that doesn’t look like it is happening anytime soon I was happy to take Daily Concepts up on their offer to review their scrubbers in my attempt at creating a spa like experience at home.

What’s the Product?
Daily Concepts

 Your Dual Texter Scrubber

 Your Exfoliating Gloves

First Impressions

Actually the products from Daily Concepts arrived in perfect timing because I was heading straight for a melt down and needed to take a mental health day! Off to the bath with me.

How I used it

Let’s just say right up front that I am not typically the kind of gal that exfoliates with gloves or scrubs myself down with body scrubbers. I am more the grab the bar of soap, whichever one is not melted and stuck to the shelf, lather up and get out of the shower in less than 2 minutes. So I really wasn’t quite sure exactly what to do with the exfoliating gloves or scrubber for that matter, but since I needed a mental health day I filled the tub up with steaming hot water and bath salts and proceeded to relax. After about 15 minutes I decided to give the gloves a try, although I felt kind of silly wearing gloves in the tub. OK for those of you that have never ‘exfoliated with gloves’ before, you are missing out. Holy smokes, why didn’t anybody tell me about this. First of all, it feels quite wonderful to scrub every inch of your body, which apparently I have been neglecting, and secondly there is something quite refreshing about fluffing off your dead skin, yes that’s gross, but that is what exfoliating is. I give these gloves two thumbs way up, one for each glove.

Daily ConceptsNext I had to try the dual texture scrubber so I was once again forced to soak in the tub mid-day, rough I know. Truthfully the body scrubber is nice it has one side that is soft and rather luxuriating and one that is rough for exfoliating, but I have to say I am hooked on the gloves.

I really liked that the Daily Concept products have some really cool environmentally friendly features as well as functional features. Who knew a scrubber could be so high tech, check out the specs:

  • Label with indicator that fades when it`s time to replace Your Dual Texture Scrubber.
  • Natural cotton base layer with nylon exfoliating loops for the ideal texture.
  • Environmentally friendly, soy based foam material (inside the scrubber) to create a rich lather.
  • Clinically, allergy and dermatologist tested.
  • NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS. Cruelty free
  • Functional packaging (suction cup included) it’s made to actually hang in your shower in the packaging.

Daily Concepts gets two thumbs way up from me. Yes, one for each glove.

How does Mother Earth feel about this product?

Mother Earth is pretty darn pleased with Daily Concepts, from their product design to the company’s mission she thinks they are top notch. Daily Concept scrubbers are the ONLY scrubber with an expiration date, you don’t even wanna know what grows on your scrubbers after three months! Daily Concepts scrubbers are soy based bath sponges so they contain 98% less germs, bacteria and mildew than other regular bath sponges on the market. They have a built in antimicrobial which inhibits bacteria reproduction and to boot their tag on each product starts to fade this is how you know it’s time to toss it. Daily Concept also made the packaging functional they included a suction cup so you can hang the package and scrubber on the shower wall. GREEN and Soy-based…so good for the environment Mother Earth is definitely pleased.

Is it a Healthy Product?

It is clear that this product is great for the Mother Earth and we love that it also limits our exposure to nasty bacteria which no one really wants to talk about, but it is also healthy from a personal perspective. Taking a break and taking care of yourself is essential, and to be able to do that with a product that is healthy for Mother Earth and you is all that much better.

How does this product impact my wallet?

The gloves will run you $16.00 and the body scrubber is $12.00 which is a bit pricey but worth every penny.

Would I recommend this product to a friend?

Yes especially those needing to take some special time for themselves.

Bottom Line:


4 ½ stars. I love my Daily Concept scrubbers and I love the commitment that Daily Concepts has to Mother Earth.

gloves out of pkg

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