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Photo Courtesy of Sen Spa

Photo Courtesy of SenSpa

Here at DC we are all about mutually beneficial relationships and our latest partnership with Sen Spa is no exception!

The latest service offered at this stunning 12,000 sq ft NorCal spa goes by the name of The China Rose Detox. Green tea? Konjac root? Castor oil? What might sound like a light, healthy lunch is actually an in-depth body treatment now available at SenSpa Wellness Center.  Laced in this all-inclusive service is the incorporation of our 100% natural toxin eliminator, Charcoal Konjac Sponge!

Photo Courtesy of Sen Spa

Photo Courtesy of SenSpa

Photo Courtesy of Sen Spa

Photo Courtesy of SenSpa


The China Rose Detox service uses ancient healing minerals that activate the skin and enliven the circulation system leaving your body and your mind refreshed and cleansed. China Rose begins with a Daily Concepts Charcoal Konjac Root sponge exfoliation. Charcoal is known to absorb 100-200X weight in impurities and can draw out toxins, dirt, oil and other substances from the bodies’ surface. Konjac root, a naturally alkaline plant and full of vitamins A, b1, b2, b6, b12, zinc, copper and magnesium, assists in balancing the PH of skin.



A green tea and kaolin clay body masque is then applied to reduce inflammation, eliminate dead skin cells, aide in cell regeneration and create a detoxifying environment. Kaolin clay has high contents of silica which anti-bacterial properties can assist in acne and skin irritations. Subsequently castor oil packs are placed on the liver and colon portion of the abdomen to increase circulation and promote healing.

As the client is gently wrapped in a cocoon to increase the heat and detoxifying power of the clay mixture, an indulgent scalp massage with rose oil is performed. The curative smell of rose oil benefits include emotional wellbeing and heart mending.

Once cleansed of the clay masque, a full body rose oil massage, designed to nourish and hydrate the skin is applied with Shiatsu acupressure points intertwined for integrative detoxification results. A rose mist is lightly spritzed to finish this holistic service.

Photo Courtesy of Sen Spa

Photo Courtesy of SenSpa

As a nod to wellness for clients, the Konjac Root sponge is given as a take-home gift to encourage the detox process and to maintain therapeutic benefits of the charcoal + Japanese yam.

Photo Courtesy of Sen Spa

 We are so thankful for relationships like these where we can be of service to those serving you! To find out more information on how to incorporate our hot selling konjac sponge into your spa services please contact our account manager, Christina at

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