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This Silicone foundation applicator is the perfect addition to your makeup routine. Apply makeup with an even and smooth finish with this amazing beauty tool. The Crystal Clear Applicator will also save your foundation as it does not absorb or waste any product. This means all of the makeup goes exactly where you want it with 0 waste! For the most clear and flawless application apply liquid foundation or concealer directly to applicators surface and begin to apply to face or area of your choice in long sweeping motions, fold in the edges and gently dab with the end of applicator to help fill in corners and areas around nose and eyes.


Simply rinse applicator with warm water and soap pat dry and store!


Afterspa is a line of accessories designed with the intention of bringing that luxurious and pampered spa feeling we all know and love home. Buff, scrub and cleanse skin with our range of bath and face scrubbers, soap sponges and beauty tools. Start your day with a crystal clear complexion or wipe and remove the stresses of the day while exfoliating and cleansing skin back to a state of glowing smoothness! Our bath accessories are designed to offer the highest quality with beautiful design and smart functionality. Your skin deserves to feel spa fresh and through the use of our Afterspa line of accessories, this feeling can be accessible daily!

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