Stretch into a new week

We have mixed feelings about Sundays’. In a way it feels like the fullest and longest day of the week(dotw) while at the same time like the most fleeting and shortest dotw.

The weekend exists without to-do list, timelines and bosses- it’s a time for family, friends and freedom! To be quite frank this feeling of carefree-ness coming to a close(Sunday afternoon) could have you going through withdrawals before the sun has even set!

If you are a 9-5er, mouse clicker or office goer than you most likely can resonate with the feeling of temporary freedom that comes around from Friday afternoon and evolves into a bitter-sweet one when Sunday inevitably swings around.

If so, we have a few suggestions to make those Sunday night/Monday morning blues feel not so ominous! And if you have no idea what those sweet and sour days feel like than you can still work to elevate your wellbeing by trying out a few of these week-prep activities below!

Take a bath(also a great daily practice in our humble and totally unbiased opinion ;P)

-Elevate your Bathing experience with Your Stretch Wash Cloth(pictured above)

Read a book- Put your phone down pick up a book and feel the words being digested with your eyes, mind and hands. It can be quite a peaceful and mindful practice, especially, now a days to open up and actual book and get lost in an adventure or love story!

Netflix n Chill- Catch up on your favorite storyline instead of stressing about your own upcoming plot for the week

Cook you favorite meal or go to your favorite restaurant! Treat yourself, enjoy and relax!

Plan out your week- If you are one of those people that just need to have things thought out and planned before you allow yourself to relax then go ahead and do it! Make a rough outline of necessary things you must tackle and appointments you cannot miss and then allow yourself space in between those time blocks to accomplish the tasks that are pending.

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