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It’s summer! When it’s hot out –we tend to show more skin. Is your skin summer ready? Answer this: do you exfoliate, and if so how many times a week?

Exfoliating is extremely important! The amount of times you should be exfoliating your face and body a week? 2 to 3 times –you don’t want to go overboard.  So what are the benefits of exfoliating your skin? The most obvious benefit is that exfoliating rids dead skin.  If you put off exfoliating sometimes, you may notice your skin begins to appear scaly or drier than usual.  You can take that as a sign that your skin needs to be exfoliated.  Afterwards, you’ll notice your skin will appear healthier, brighter, and a lot smoother.

Other perks? It helps kill bacteria on the skin, thus it prevents those pesky breakouts on your face or body.  Who doesn’t want that? Moving on! Exfoliating also allows other products or treatments used to penetrate the skin better because the skin is free of dead skin and can easier reach the new and healthy layer of skin.

So if you’re dealing with any dry skin, breakouts, or just want smoother and healthier looking skin –just exfoliate!

Some great products created by Daily Concepts for the exfoliating body are the following:


Your Dual Texture Scrubber is perfect for everyday use because it has a gentle side to help cleanse the skin and a rougher side to help exfoliate!


Your Stretch Wash Cloth is perfect for those who have trouble getting to those hard to reach places! It’s the perfect product to use to exfoliate!


And for the face? No problem! Your Facial Micro Scrubber is great for the face! Similar to the Your Dual Texture Scrubber, this product has both a soft side for cleansing and another for exfoliating. It’s especially great for washing the face after makeup removal!


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