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On Friday, The Sweeplings launched their first album. They’re also on tour. And catching one of the duo’s shows is a must.

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Their story is one that brings to mind destiny and synchronicity all rolled into one.

Whitney Dean (that’s him above on the left) was watching America’s Got Talent with his wife Bethany when a voice grabbed their attention. It belonged to Cami Bradley, a season eight finalist on America’s Got Talent.

Needless to say, it was a goosebumps moment. As the story goes, “Bethany turned to her husband and declared ‘That’s the person you need to be writing and playing with!'”

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Bethany reached out to Cami, suggesting a collaboration with Dean, an acclaimed songwriter for the Nashville music scene.

Magic commenced. The duo decided an album was in order. Voila! Rise and Fall was conceived.

How The Sweeplings’ music is described: “Haunting yet hopeful, together Dean and Bradley create luring melodies and lyrics that touch on the universal and the fleeting; those shared experiences that while they’re happening might seem trivial, but go on to become waypoints in the memory of a life well lived. It might be the sudden realization that, when it comes to love, forever isn’t all that long. We’re are all on the same ride to the undeniable end, yet with someone by our side we just might be able to go gently into that good night.



There’s nothing we love better than an “it was meant to be kind of story” other than… getting to hear that combustible convergence in person.

With a tour underway, now’s the time to take part in The Sweeplings’ magic.

As for Daily Concepts, we’re planning on catching the duo on Wednesday at 8 p.m. at Room 5 Lounge.

We won’t keep you waiting, though. Below is a YouTube video that showcases what great chemistry can achieve.

To learn more about The Sweeplings and to check out their tour dates/stops visit

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