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The topic of today is acne! Whether it is acne or an occasion breakout, we wanted to offer up some tips to help combat zits!

Although skin care habits do play a role in the state of your skin, there are indeed other factors.  Do you drink plenty of water? Do you eat or drink a lot of sugar? Does your diet consist of greasy or fried foods? Additionally, acne can often be caused by hormonal imbalances if not caused by a poor diet.  

Here are some topical tips to help reduce the appearance of breakouts!


Tip #1

Use a spot treatment with Salicylic Acid

It is commonly used in most acne clearing face and body washes that contains anti-inflammatory properties.  


Tip #2

Use a spot treatment containing Benzoyl Peroxide

This is also a common ingredient in most acne fighting products, however, it is a bit more abrasive than salicylic acid.  Try using a spot treatment containing benzoyl peroxide and only use the product on existing breakouts.  


Tip #3

An alternative to any harsh chemicals is sulfur which can be found in soaps and ointments.  

Sulfur has agents that help kill acne causing bacteria while drawing out clogged pore and impurities.  


Tip #4

Green Tea is great for acne! Try looking for washes or masks containing green tea to reduce inflammation and kill acne causing bacteria.  


Tip #5

To help reduce body acne, use shower products that will help cleanse and exfoliate hard to reach places.  Also, remember to replace sponges and cloths every 90 days!
We recommend Daily Concepts Your Back Scrubber or Your Stretch Wash Cloth!


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