Tripper Dungan’s Strangecation


Annual events. We love them, especially when it comes to art. So when we received an email from Daniel Rolnik letting us know Tripper Dungan has a new show set to premiere on July 9, we were psyched.


Want a recap about last year’s exhibition? Visit this post.

With your appetite re-whet for some more of Dungan’s work, here’s what you can see via his latest work entitled Strangecation.


What Dungan has to say about Strangecation: ““My mom is diagnosed (by me) with a bad case of wanderlust.


When I was a kid we would go on random vacations to ghost towns… Tripper_Dungan_STRANGECATION_daniel_Rolnik_gallery_van

…or day trips to the mountains around Las Vegas to make cherry coke slushies out of snow. Tripper_Dungan_STRANGECATION_daniel_Rolnik_gallery_lizard

And sometimes we’d just up and move to exotic places like Key West FL and Bullhead City, AZ. Tripper_Dungan_STRANGECATION_daniel_Rolnik_gallery_travelling_music

Along the way we’d see all kinds of wonders and run into adventure. Tripper_Dungan_STRANGECATION_daniel_Rolnik_gallery_13

Desert fires in Texas, Adobe teepees, Mardi Gras, and all flavors of worn paint and half broken neon signs. Tripper_Dungan_STRANGECATION_daniel_Rolnik_gallery_boombox

Mostly I’d just play game boy and draw in the back seat because my brother had called shotgun.  Tripper_Dungan_STRANGECATION_daniel_Rolnik_gallery_pipe_poople

Honestly I didn’t want to fish around in my moms purse to find her Chapstick anyway.  Tripper_Dungan_STRANGECATION_daniel_Rolnik_gallery_breakfast_face

Life on the road had its challenges, but it was not without its rewards. Sometimes it’s the story that is the destination.” Tripper_Dungan_STRANGECATION_daniel_Rolnik_gallery_lettuce

We couldn’t agree more.Tripper_Dungan_STRANGECATION_daniel_Rolnik_gallery_genuine_gator-1

That’s why we’re pulling out our summer calendars and making sure a visit to the Daniel Rolnik Gallery is set in ink.Tripper_Dungan_STRANGECATION_daniel_Rolnik_gallery_walking_fingers

The ideal time to visit? During the opening night reception, of course! Join us there this Saturday, July 9 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m..



Catch the opening reception for Tripper Dungan’s Strangecation n July 9 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the Daniel Rolnik Gallery at 121 E. Union Street in Pasadena, California. For more information visit or phone 310-729-3399. To learn more about Tripper Dungan, visit his personal website at

*All images featured in this post are works from Tripper Dungan, courtesy of the Daniel Rolnik Gallery.


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