Turmeric: Elevate the health of your skin!

Perhaps you have bitten on to the konjac trend as it has recently exploded on the U.S. scene, promising rejuvenated and glowy skin. There are a few incredible benefits we have found that make us believe that the konjac is here to stay! Never before has a 100% Natural product been able to offer the level of exfoliation while also balancing the pH of the skin quite like the konjac sponge has.

At Daily Concepts we always think (most of the time in the shower) “how can we elevate  the bathing experience? How can we take it one step further?”.

So it was from this desire that the idea arose to infuse this already perfect konjac sponge with an elevating ingredient that also is catching the spotlight lately but has been a long time coveted spice, Turmeric of course!

We present “Your Konjac Sponge- Turmeric”(in our special river rock shaped form that allows for better control and coverage while cleansing)


Shop Our Trio Above~ Pick your flavor!(Not for eating ;))

Charcoal(infused), Pure(just the konjac root), Turmeric(infused)

A few benefits of Turmeric…

Improves skin elasticity due to the various antioxidants helping to stimulate new cell growth

Curcumin- a very potent found in turmeric has been shown to possess anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties

Oil Control!

Improves blood circulation

Age old ritual! Brides in India would and still do, cleanse their body with a turmeric blended body scrub prior to their wedding. They did so in oder to achieve the ultimate bright, clear and flawless skin!




Showering the World with Love,

-Daily Concepts



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