Two Odysseys in Miami — Part 2


In a recent post, we filled you in on two exhibitions happening at Miami’s Frost Art Museum: Creole World: Photographs of New Orleans and the
Latin Caribbean Sphere
(Now through Aug. 23) and
Green Machine: The Art of Carlos Luna  (Now through Sept. 13).

Today, we’re filling you in on the latter.


One of the foremost contemporary Cuban artists, Luna’s work reflects a cross-pollination of influences from his residency in Cuba until 1991, followed by Mexico for 13 years, then Miami since 2002. He relays this journey through fables “culturally attuned to shifts in the social and political environments.”

The six-panel centerpiece of the exhibition, El Gran Mambo, chronicles Luna’s own story.


Green Machine spans 5,000 square feet in the Frost’s Grand Galleries. Luna’s 120 works are done in various mediums including  Jacquard tapestries, metal sheets with patina and aluminum leaf, ceramic plates,  mixed media on paper/wood and large-scale oil paintings on canvas.


What the Frost is saying about the exhibition: “The title Green Machine alludes to the importance of the rain forest known as El Monte, a sacred space in the Afro-Cuban tradition one must enter to find meaning. The machine represents the mechanism that perpetuates life’s continuity. Combined, these ideas represent the artist leaving behind his rural past and his contemplative journey into the present moment.”

Adds Luna, “The best artist is the one who makes his art a science. And the best scientist is the one who makes an art of his science.”

To read more about Carlos Luna and his biography, please visit

– Watch a recent video about Carlos Luna’s artwork here.

Photos courtesy of Carlos Luna studio.

 For information on the Creole World and Green Machine exhibitions at the Frost Art Museum visit

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