Hello Üllo!

Image from http://ullowine.com/

Image from http://ullowine.com/

Even before we knew what Üllo is used for we just liked looking at it. It’s definitely eye-catching, wouldn’t you agree?

Image from Üllo Facebook page

Image from Üllo Facebook page

It’s so aesthetically pleasing, we would display it as an art piece. However… this little masterpiece has a practical application that’s brilliant, too.

It purifies wine (see graphic below).

Image from kickstarter.com/projects/1831792426/ullothe-wine-purifier

Image from kickstarter.com/projects/1831792426/ullothe-wine-purifier

Can you hear oenophiles who have issues with sulfites cheering in the background? Yep, we do, too.

Üllo and its patent-pending Selective Sulfite Capture™ process was created by James Kornacki. As an asthma sufferer, the PhD holder in organic chemistry from Northwestern University decided to look for a way to enjoy wine without triggering health issues.

There’s also a wine carafe and decanter, too, that brings beautiful presentation to dinner parties.

Image from ullowine.com

Image from ullowine.com

So what makes it into your glass? Purified, aerated, sulfate-free wine. We say “Cheers!” to that!

To learn more about Üllo visit their website at http://ullowine.com/. Check out their Kickstarter program at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1831792426/ullothe-wine-purifier.

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