We Triangulate with Yoga Naharah


“Hey Yogi Marta! What’s that pose?” we asked while looking at Yoga Naharah’s website. Rather than give us a simple answer, our favorite yogi did one better… she showed us how to do the pose ourselves.

The name of this groovy posture: Utthita Trikonasana. Say what? Just go with — The Triangle.

There are myriad benefits to The Triangle. Says Marta Weiss, ” Triangle stretches and strengthens the thighs, knees, ankles, hips, groin area, shoulders, chest and spine. It also helps relieve stress and improves digestion. It’s therapeutic for anxiety, neck  pain, osteoporosis and sciatica.”

Before getting started, Marta advises all you yogis out there with high blood pressure who are on heart medication or have neck issues to seek a doctors okay before attempting this pose.

Good to go? Great. Let’s get started.

starting position

For beginners, Marta suggests, “Practice this with the back up against a wall to help with balance and overall movement of the pose. Keep the lifted arm on the hip.”

Otherwise, “Have your feet 3 1/2 to 4 feet apart,” says Marta. “Raise your arms parallel to the floor and reach them actively out to the sides, shoulders wide apart and in line with the hips.

The palms down. Begin with the front foot facing forwarding 90 degrees and the back foot at 45 degrees.

Firm your thighs and turn the front thigh outward (externaly rotated) so that the center of the front thigh is in line with the knee cap and ankle.”


From there, Marta says, “Reach the front arm forward until it cannot go any further. Lower the arm to the ankle, shin or thigh.

Raise the back arm to reach up to the ceiling. Shoulders are externally rotated. Bend from the hip. Rotate the lower torso keeping both sides of the ribcage long.

Back hip comes slightly forward and then lengthen the tailbone toward the back heel. Relax the neck and head.

The gaze can be at the floor, to the side or up to the lifted hand.

Stay in the pose 30 seconds or as long as you would like.

Inhale to come up, press the back heel firmly to the ground and release the arms, standing upright. Exhale.

Repeat on the second side.”

We’re already waving our stress bye-bye! Thanks, Yogi Marta! See you next month!

For more information about Yoga Naharah visit http://www.yoganaharah.com.

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