Yoga 101 — Office Poses

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Don’t worry. We’re not going to suggest you try the pose above on your desk. We are, however, checking in with Marta Weiss of Yoga Naharah for more tips to help you quick off your personal yoga practice during International Yoga Month.

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Before Marta even jumps into an at-work yoga sequence, she offers some advice. “If at all possible, I recommend a standing desk. This way, you’re not sitting all day long. The longer you sit, the more your hips tighten, your thighs atrophy, neck/back/shoulders get hunched and you have knee problems.”

Standing desk not an option?  “Make a conscious effort to stand up and walk around, every 20 minutes,” says Marta.

Whether you’re standing or sitting, taking a break during work hours is always necessary. Want to add a bit of yoga to yours? Here are some simple poses suggested by Marta for that very purpose. She’s drawing on poses shared in last week’s post to add a bit of familiarity.

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Starting with… the Forward Fold (see photo above).

Says Marta, “When sitting in a chair, while exhaling, bring legs wide apart and to the outer edges of the chair. Lean/fold the torso forward and over the knees. Hold for 20 seconds. Inhale when coming back up to an upright, seated position.”

Include a pivot/twist to both the left and right sides in your repetitions of this pose. And, make sure to lift and lengthen with each pose.

Next, get shoulders in on the action with this addition (see photo below).

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“For a great shoulder stretch, while sitting on the edge of a chair, bring both hands behind your back, touch palms and, with an external rotation of the shoulders, do a Forward Fold pose while lifting clasped hands/palms up to ceiling.”

Benefits from these two poses — “The Forward Fold releases the lower and back, as well as the hips,” says Marta. “The Shoulder Stretch opens the shoulders and prevents the upper back from rounding.”

Ready for an at-desk Pigeon Pose (see photo below). Here goes!

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To do a Pigeon Pose while at your desk: “Sit on the edge of the seat. Bring your right leg up, bending knee towards the right as you cross the right ankle over the top of the left thigh/knee. Rest hands on the right calf. Flex the right foot. Repeat the pose on the left side, as well.”

The benefits of an at-desk Pigeon Pose — Says Marta, “It opens the hips.”

Got time for one more pose? Marta’s got just the thing — a seated Apanasana (see photo below).

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To do a seated Apansana, Marta says, “Sitting on your seat, with feet and legs hip distance apart, bring your right thigh towards your belly. Hold for 20 seconds, then repeat the pose on the left side with the left knee.”

What benefits most from this pose — the hips and lower back.


Marta Weiss of Yoga Naharah

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