Yoga 101: Spring Cleaning


Today is the first day of spring! Are you kicking up your heels as much as we are? Another way we’re celebrating… with a yoga pose from Yogi Marta Weiss of Yoga Naharah.

What Marta said when we requested this month’s poses: “Here’s the March Vernal Equinox Spring Cleaning Detox!!!” We knew she’d come through for us.

First up is a Lunge with a Twist (see photo above). “This pose strengthens the leg muscles and twists the abdomen, allowing a gentle squeeze to the digestive organs.

“Step into a lunge position,” says Marta. “The left foot should be forward with the knee bent at a 90-degree angle. The back leg is straight behind you.”

From here, Marta directs to, “Come up onto the toes of the back foot. Take the right elbow and cross over the left knee, hands come into namaste. Then twist the upper body to the left and look to the side, or behind the left shoulder. Hold for thirty seconds. Breathe. Repeat second side.”


The pose above is a Wide-Legged Forward Bend. “This is a gentle inversion,” says Marta. “It encourages circulation of blood throughout the body. Its folding motion aids in digestion.”

To get into a Wide-Legged Forward Bend, Marta says to assume a stance with feet spread about four feet apart, heels turned out slightly.

Then, “Standing tall, interlace your hands behind you, pressing the palms together.”

Next, “Take a deep breath in and fold forward at the waist. Raise your arms overhead gently, externally rotating the shoulders. Exhale as you lower towards the ground. While in the posture, keep the spine long and straight. Take five deep breaths.”

From here, “Engage your legs and slowly rise up to stand. Repeat.”

Thanks so much, Marta, for helping us embrace spring!

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