You Introduce Us To… Impreint

Emailed from Napsugar Budai

Emailed from Napsugar Budai

Nothing makes us happier than to hear from all you Daily Concepters out there. In fact, just yesterday we received an email from Napsugar Budai about an art project that’s right up our alley — Portraits by the artist Impreint.

Napsugar Budai’s email told us all about Impreint’s global event, Portrait Day, that happened on March 1.

During Portrait Day, people from Ghana, Indonesia, Hungary, Honduras, United Kingdom, Japan, China, Germany, South Korea, France, Georgia, Finland, The Netherlands and Italy took photos with a balloon.

Photos from that day can be seen on the Facebook page of the artist.

Image from Impreint's Facebook page

Image from Impreint’s Facebook page

Completely intrigued, we started checking out Impreint and the Portraits project. Here’s what we learned…

Image from Impreint's Facebook Page

Image from Impreint’s Facebook Page

Per Impreint’s website, the artist is a concept not a person. Cool. A message seen/received there — Art has to have a social impact.


Image from Impreint’s Facebook page

Portraits does just that. The London-based artist got people around the world involved by having them take photos with a balloon.

Per, “It’s called Portraits, because with a balloon every scene looks a little bit different, and also the attitude of the person changes. It’s not a simple photo anymore, it’s a portrait, but with a common meaning, unified by a balloon. The project can arrive everywhere, even to places where they might not have a lot of opportunities, but they would like to do something that makes them feel better and gives them new prospective.”

Image from Impreint's Facebook page

Image from Impreint’s Facebook page

Even though Portraits Day was March 1, you can still be part of Impreint’s yearlong project.

Image from Impreint's Facebook page

Image from Impreint’s Facebook page

According to Notting Hill Post’s website, you can submit a photo of yourself with a balloon either to Impreint’s website or Facebook page.

We’re thinking a group shot of the DC team with balloons might be a good idea. After all, it was just Emilio’s birthday, so there should still be a few floating in the office…

Thanks again, Napsugar Budai for letting us know all about Impreint and Portraits!

To learn more about Impreint visit



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