Think, sing, scrub, repeat.

Enjoy a spa-like exfoliation with total peace of mind, because all of our scrubbers are earth-friendly and clinically, allergy and dermatologist tested.

Delivering dignity. One shower at a time.

We support Lava Mae's fleet of mobile showers, made from former municipal buses, that provide the homeless with access to showers and toilets.

Our Story.


Daily Concepts’ fearless leader, Emilio is an admitted clean freak, as well as a bath and shower expert. Where he came up with the idea for the scrubbers label indicators? The shower, naturally. Born and raised in Mexico City, Emilio joined his family business – the leading bath accessory company in Mexico – in 1993. He moved to Los Angeles in 2006, where he lives with wife Joanne, DC mascots Tala and Rocco, and, Daily Concepts’ most recent member, beloved daughter Terrie. Emilio’s brain works overtime in the shower, coming up with new products for Daily Concepts, or belting out the lyrics of favorite songs.

_0009_Emilio Smeke Half body Low Res

A well-respected public relations leader, Yvette Masterson has an outstanding reputation for driving sales through creative marketing, execution of strong editorial placement and negotiation skills resulting in solid partnerships.

Yvette has over 20 years of extensive public relations experience and has significantly enhanced the images of some of today’s leading brands. Starting in 1987 with Federated Department stores, Yvette worked in such roles as fine jewelry buyer, cosmetics buyer, and regional public relations manager. After a successful 11-year career with Federated / Macy’s West, Yvette was hired to further develop and manage global public relations for Benefit Cosmetics. Yvette utilized her vast connections and industry knowledge to found Y Public Relations L.L.C. (now Y Communications & Consulting Inc.) in 2001.

_0002_Yvette headshot

Colleen Mathis heads up the New York division of Y Communications and Consulting, Daily Concepts PR Firm. Colleen has nearly 10 years in the PR field and has worked with an assortment of high-profile beauty and luxury good brands over the years. In her spare time Colleen loves to cook, travel and use her Daily Concepts Body Scrubber!

_0010_Colleen Mathis

Bekah is the voice behind Daily Concepts’ website. When’s she’s not filling DC fans in on current happenings around the world, Bekah writes travel/entertainment articles for outlets such as Yahoo Travel, Los Angeles magazine, LA Times, TV Guide and Bon Appetit. Bekah’s favorite place to shower? Outdoors.

Check out her work at bekahwright.com.

_0013_bex farrah

Richie is a professional innovator who promotes the Daily Concepts’ brand. Which of course makes sense when hearing about his favorite place to innovate – the shower. Quite the multi-tasker, Richie’s adept at mastering the knowledge, skills and courage to lead the innovation-focused strategies, projects, and people at Garcoa Inc.


Catalina’s in charge of Daily Concepts’ accounts payable and receivable. How she takes time for herself after taking such good care of DC and our customers? Exfoliating with Daily Concepts Your Stretch Wash Cloth. Catalina’s passions? Her kids and husband.

_0011_Cat Color

Miriam works in client relations and operations for Daily Concepts. Although traveling is Miriam’s passion, she loves the place she calls home. A native to the Santa Monica/West Los Angeles area, when she’s not in the office she can be found hiking in the Santa Monica mountains and cycling, running or rollerblading along the beach. Her favorite bathing ritual — a nice bath after a long day’s work or outdoor activity. With her Daily Concepts’ Stretch Wash Cloth, of course.

Dean is an online social media guru and marketer. He likes to think and sing in the shower with The Exfoliating Gloves.
In addition to Daily Concepts he has had the privilege to be a major force in the SAG/AFTRA merger, largest union merger in our lifetime, and healthyblenderrecipes.com as well as over 150 other companies over the past 10 years. In addition to loving  Daily Concepts products, he especially loves that D.C. is a huge supporter of LavaMae, a non-profit that offers showers to the homeless and washes their clothes.  Find him at Pinterest.com/Instantlydean or on Twitter @instantlydean.
Dean White

Architect, interior design expert, beauty junkie… The list of things Joanne is good at is extensive. Including seeking out stories for the DC blog. Born and raised in Mexico City, Joanne spent summers in Peru with her grandparents, solidifying her Polish and Peruvian roots, as well as learning family beauty secrets. Her biggest pleasure — enjoying a nice, warm bath, especially when it involves sharing bubbles with her little one, Terrie.

_0001_foto joanne daily

Valeria collaborates in Daily Concepts’ product development and package design. Born in Mexico City, she studied Industrial Design in both Mexico and Milano, Italy. Her theory — designing with love and soul is what brings her work alive.
Beyond offering design services, Valeria and her husband Andrés design/develop furniture for children (they’re the happy parents of two). Valeria’s bathing habits? Quick, early showers on weekdays, and lingering family baths on weekends.

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