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We would love to share a recent interview and feature with our friends over at COCOTIQUE. They are providing a deluxe beauty box subscription service for women of color for just $25 a month!
"We find the best beauty and lifestyle products targeting your unique needs and desires and ship them to your door each month. Dana Hill, Founder and CEO, created COCOTIQUE to simplify the search and discovery process and save you time and money. Each month COCOTIQUE will ship to your door a specially curated deluxe box filled with 5-8 sample size and full size beauty and lifestyle products for just $25 including FREE SHIPPING. After trying out your samples, you can then purchase the full size products in the COCOTIQUE Shop."


Spring has arrived and we have yet another goodie for you to add to your beauty arsenal. We have partnered with Daily Concepts, a brand that is committed to making your self-care experience one that you will not forget. Their Exfoliating Body Scrubber is designed to leave your skin feeling baby-soft.
Read all about how CEO and head of Design, Emilio Smeke has taken this brand and creatively merged technology with their bath accessories to create products that give a new meaning to clean. 


(Cocotique) When did the brand get its start?

(Emilio) Daily Concepts began in 2012

(C) How did you come up with the concept of textured scrubbers for the face and body?

(E) There was a hole in the market and a distinct need for bath accessories that were comprised of natural components and were packaged in a beautiful and functional way that wasn’t a complete eye sore to your bathroom! We also noticed that people were hanging on to their bath tools for too long without replacing them correlating to an exceptionally high germ accumulation. Overall, we just wanted to correct what we saw as an unsafe bathing experience and decided to design a label fading technology that would help let the individual know when it was time to swap out their scrubber for a new one! Creating a truly elevated and clean bathing experience for all. 

(C) Tell us about the Exfoliating Body Scrubber

(E) Our Exfoliating Body Scrubber has been a staple in our collection since conception. 

(C) How often can you use it?


(C) How gentle is it on your skin?

(E) The Exfoliating Body Scrubber is a perfect mild texture that is gentle enough for sensitive skin but still textured enough to revitalize and exfoliate skin.

(C) Does the body scrubber really give you a good lather?

(E) This body scrubber is your absolute best friend when you’re looking for a soapy travel friendly companion. 

(C) What can you expect after using the body scrubber?

(E) Baby soft and freshly cleansed skin!

(C) How long does the body scrubber last?

(E) We have a patented label fading technology that will let you know when it is time to replace your scrubber. On our full size products, this typically will be about 90 days depending on the frequency of use. For this sample size we would say about 30-45 days of use. 

(C) What other products from your brand can you suggest to compliment the body scrubber?

(E) We would suggest giving some love to the face with our Facial Micro Scrubber! This product is designed with two sides on for cleansing and one for a deeper exfoliation. 

(C) What’s next for Daily Concepts?

(E) To continue showering the world with Love! We hope that we can continue to elevate the bathing rituals of individuals everywhere.

(C) Each of our monthly subscribers will receive an Exfoliating Body Scrubber in their box. What is the one thing that you’d like to leave them with?

(E) We would love to let them know that the power of water, that we are blessed to have through showers and baths is a portal to unlock our thoughts and heal our mind as well as our bodies. Immerse in your thoughts and let Daily Concepts cleanse your body.


Check out our Dual Texture Scrubber featured in Cocotique .

The perfect shower body with Dual textured sides so you can choose your level of exfoliation and our Label Fading Technology (when writing fades on the table its time to replace your scrubber!).

With Love,
Daily Concepts

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