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Exfoliation has taken the beauty industry by storm since experts began to swear by it and brands began to capitalise on it. Now we see exfoliation as a standard part of our beauty routine.

The Daily Facial Dry Brush is a gentle dry brush with softer bristles than a body dry brush for your face that drains lymphatic nodes, in creased circulation and reduces puffiness while exfoliating your skin. The Daily Facial Dry Brush sweeps away dead skin cells for a healthy looking face.

Use The Daily Facial Dry Brush as an essential pre-beauty ritual tool for your daily facial skincare routine.


How to use your Daily Facial Dry Brush:

  • Use a gentle circular motion on the face only on clean and dry skin with The
  • Daily Facial Dry Brush. Focus along the forehead, down the nose and chin.
  • Outwardly stroke along the cheeks and down the neck.
  • After use, rinse with warm water and thoroughly air dry until next use.
  • Pro tip: Follow up with a moisturizer or serum after your facial workout to restore smooth skin.



"This is a very gentle way to exfoliate your face daily! I use my brush after cleansing but before toning/ moisturizing. Especially during the winter, I was looking for something to help with my dry patches without being too upsetting to my skin, as I have combination dry/oily skin."



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