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The Deep Exfoliation Mitt is the ultimate glow-getter for your body care routine. This unique exfoliation mitt is designed to remove dull, dry skin and create an even skin tone without flaking. While using the Mitt, you will begin to see the dead skin build up and roll-off of your skin, resulting in a truly deep exfoliation experience.  



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Deep Exfoliation Mitt product
  • Soft, glowing skin: The Mitt creates a deep exfoliation for your body that restores your skin’s natural glow
  • Remove dead skin layers: The Mitt gets deep down to remove layers of dead skin
  • Enhance your sunless tanning: The Deep Exfoliation Mitt helps remove faux tan from your body and provides a smooth surface for your skin when you are ready to reapply self-tanning products 
  • Improve skin texture: While the Mitt works to exfoliate your skin, it also cleans your pores removing lotions, dirt and impurities
  • Skincare Wellness ritual: Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies and taking care our skin is an important step in self-care and overall wellness. 

Texture:   Vigorous (Not for use on face) 

Components/Materials Used:   100% Viscose 






3 images showing the Deep Exfoliation Mitt in use



Directions and Care:   

  1. Prepare your Mitt and your skin for deep exfoliation by getting both damp in a hot shower or bath, without using any products on your skin or the mitt.
  2. Turn off the water or step out of the shower, lightly pat dry so your skin remains slightly damp
  3. Once the skin is damp and prepped, place your hand in the Mitt and use long sweeping motions on your skin, applying the pressure that feels comfortable for you. As you exfoliate, you will begin to see the dry, dead skin build-up and fall away. (Note that dead skin lifting may not be visible during each use).
  4. When finished exfoliating, resume your bathing routine. Towel dry and apply moisturizer or body oil to keep your skin hydrated.
  5. Rinse off the Deep Exfoliation Mitt and gently wring out excess water.
  6. Hang your Mitt to dry using the Time to Glow tag