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Daily Questions || How Do I Clean My Scrubber?


We want to tackle some of your most pressing questions when it comes to skin care and Daily Concepts products! 

One of the most frequently asked question from our customers is:

How Do I Clean My Scrubber?

This is a very common question and we would love to tackle it here for you! All of our fabric on our scrubbers are treated with an anti-microbial formulation that prevents the growth of bacteria and other harmful organisms. We also designed our  fading label technology which helps you monitor how long you have had your scrubber for and lets you know when its time to change and replace for a new one! 

Can I wash like I would my normal wash cloth in the laundry machine?

You most certainly could wash your Daily Concepts scrubbers through the washing machine just keep in mind that the fading label will no longer be an accurate representation of your use, as the water and the soap from the machine will accelerate the fading font on the label. We also don't love what happens with the sponge (if applicable) to your scrubber after going through the dryer- it can deform and mutate the integrity and the original shape of the product!


Okay, so what CAN I do to care for my DC products?

You can use them as much as you want (we recommend Daily;)), make sure you rinse all soap out after each use and wring excess water before storing your product in its shower caddy packaging. For longer and bulkier scrubbers like the Daily Stretch Wash Cloth or the Daily Back Scrubber we recommend allowing it to hang open (unfolded) for a few hours to a day after use as this item will not dry as well as the handheld scrubber if it is immediately folded and stored in caddy. Other than that monitor your fading label and once the writing has completely disappeared it will be time for a new scrubber! Life Span is typically 60-90 days!



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