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Daily Questions || How Is The Packaging Reusable?


We want to tackle some of your most pressing questions when it comes to skin care and Daily Concepts products! 

One of the most frequently asked question from our customers is:

How is The Packaging Reusable?

 In a world where our waste is ever expanding here at Daily Concepts we wanted to  find a way to do our part. ENTER: Multifunctional packaging! The product is sold in a package that not only protects the product in store and in transit to you but also keeps your scrubber off of the shower shelves or floor, protecting it from bacteria and germs.

Okay, So How Does it Work?

Once you open your scrubber DO NOT toss away the thicker outer package- this is about to become your new BFF! Inside your will also find a suction cup, another key component! To convert your packaging into a show caddy simply remove top flap by tearing or cutting along the perforated line. Pop your suction cup through the tap with the hole in it at the top and slightly moisten to adhere to tile, shower or mirror surface!


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