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Daily Questions || How Do I Know When to Replace My Scrubber?


We want to tackle some of your most pressing questions when it comes to skin care and Daily Concepts products! 

One of the most frequently asked question from our customers is:

How Do I Know When to Replace My Scrubber?

This was actually at the forefront of our lead designer and CEO, Emilio's mind upon conceiving Daily Concepts. Shockingly the average U.S. household only 2 times  of Americans change their loofah 2x a year! (EEEK!) He wanted to know how he could change that stat for the health of skin and ultimately peoples safety!

Enter our fading label technology!

Innovated in a unique way that allows for you to track when to replace your scrubber based on the writing that fades through over time through use. (Typically takes 45-60 days depending on frequency of use.)


With Love,

Daily Concepts 

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