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Tips for Exfoliating Your Face & Body

At Daily Conceptswe know that feeling clean is a huge part of feeling good. We believe one of the first and most important steps in feeling clean is exfoliating your skin. But exfoliating doesn’t work the same way for every person, or for every part of the body. We covered some basics last time, but here we’ll look at some of the specifics of exfoliating different areas of your skin.

Treat your face

Your face is the most communicative part of your body, and it deserves to look and feel its best. Exfoliating can help with different things on your face depending on your skin type. Oily skin exfoliation helps minimize problematic blackheads and breakouts from clogged pores. Dry skin benefits by allowing hydrating products to work deeper into your skin, showing more healthy skin and helping it last longer. Our facial scrubscan help, no matter your skin type.

Cleanse your body

Your trunk (chest, back, shoulders and hips in particular) is where the most extensive exfoliation is done. Your body under your clothes experiences a lot of friction during the day, and produces a lot of dead skin, which can go on to disrupt the effects of your soap, lotion, and other products. Get a good brush, and exfoliate thoroughly in the shower to keep your skin fresh and soft.

Protect your weight-bearers

During the day, there are just a few parts of our body that carry most of our weight at a given time: Our feet and our elbows. This can lead to serious scaliness, which good exfoliating can help prevent. The knees, while we don’t usually have to lean on, can often be subject to the same kind of scaliness due to constant contact with clothes. Give these spots special attention.

Daily Concepts has everything you need to help your skin maintain its healthy sheen all day long! Browse our selectiononline or visit one of the many locations that carries Daily Concepts products, and see for yourself what a difference we can make! Check our blog frequently as we’ll share more tips and tricks. Need more information? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


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