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Daily Concepts Celebrates Clean Beauty Day

Clean Beauty Day was established in 2020 and is recognized each year on July 15 to highlight the importance of clean and green products and to inspire people to shop consciously for their skin and the planet.

Last year, Daily Concepts announced their partnership with CleanHub, an organization that began with a simple idea that turned into a global mission to stop non-recyclable plastic from getting into our oceans. Daily Concepts pledged to CleanHub with a goal to collect, recover and safely dispose of 5,000 lbs of plastic waste before it can enter the ocean and cause lasting harm to the planet. This initiative helps to combat the overuse of plastic in the wellness, skincare and beauty industries. In celebration of National Clean Beauty Day, let’s take a look at the positive environmental and social impacts that Daily Concepts has made in partnership with CleanHub over the past year:

  • Daily Concepts has reached 94% of their pledged goal to collect 5,000 lbs of ocean-bound plastic in one year! By the end of the summer, Daily Concepts is expected to meet their volume goal. See the live collection status.
  • Daily Concepts has reduced its carbon footprint by collecting non-recyclable plastic with CleanHub, which then gets fed into co-processing. Co-processing means that the plastics are melted without oxygen, creating an alternative fuel to power plants. That fuel burns cleaner than natural gas, resulting in the consequent carbon footprint being lower. In addition, any impurities coming from the melting are used in cement plants to thicken the material, meaning nothing makes its way into the sea!
  • The ocean-bound plastic collection efforts for CleanHub and Daily Concepts are run by Green Worms Waste Management sorting facility in Edavanna, India and create critical employment opportunities in the community. By working with Green Worms Sorting facility, Daily Concepts has helped to provide daily livelihood to around 330 staff members, out of which 265 are women. CleanHub and numerous brand partners take care of not only the wages, but also have strict auditing standards when it comes to protective equipment, hygiene in the workplace, access to water, and more. CleanHub audits their international hubs multiple times a year and refuses to continue working with them if all standards are not fulfilled.

Clean Beauty is not just a passing trend but a new standard of practice for Daily Concepts to uphold for the safety of their consumers’ skin and the environment. While the concept of Clean Beauty is celebrated on July 15, it remains critical that wellness and beauty brands collectively work towards launching clean and sustainable product and packaging options every day. Working with Cleanhub over the past year has inspired and motivated Daily Concepts to advance their commitment to greater on-going sustainability efforts. Let’s see what they do next.


Happy Clean Beauty Day!


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