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Keep on Glowing!

August is National Wellness Month and the perfect time to dive into the topic of skin wellness. As our largest organ, keeping our skin healthy, is a cornerstone of overall wellness. Often times healthy skin is connected with glowing skin because when your insides are healthy, the outside (the skin) looks healthy too.


For skin to appear as healthy and glowing, it needs to be ultra-smooth to reflect light, or in other words, glow. When there is a build-up of dead skin, light is not able to reflect off the skin and it causes it to appear dull. To regain the skin’s natural radiance, the goal is to boost skin cell renewal and increase blood circulation. Increased blood supply flushes the surface of the skin giving it a rosy, glowing effect. These naturally occurring functions of the body become more sluggish as we age, and getting the glow we seek may need some stimulation. Exfoliation to the rescue! Exfoliation removes the skin’s outer layer of dead cells, helping the skin’s natural renewal process. Incorporating a regular exfoliation routine brings other benefits like minimizing ingrown hairs, unclogging pores and improving overall skin texture and appearance.


There is no shortage of choices when it comes to ways to exfoliate the face and body. Chemical exfoliants are acids like glycolic or lactic acids that help to break down the top layer of skin. Physical exfoliants are masks, scrubs and peels or body tools like scrubbers, gloves and mitts. One exfoliation option is a new Mitt available at Ulta Beauty and it’s certain to deliver the glow we seek. Like all exfoliants, the Deep Exfoliation Mitt by Daily Concepts removes dull, dead skin to create a smooth skin tone and surface. Perhaps different from some exfoliation products and tools, this Mitt gets really deep so users can actually see the exfoliation “in action,” as the dead skin lifts up and rolls right off the skin.


Regardless of the type of exfoliation routine you choose, please remember that you are removing the top layer of skin, making your skin extra sensitive to sun exposure. Maintain daily sunscreen use and be mindful to reapply when in the sun. It’s time to get glowing!

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